Anna Frangiosa Design


Anna Frangiosa is a costume designer based in Philadelphia. She graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology receiving an Associate Degree in Fashion Design,  and Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts.

Anna has worked as a costume designer for many professional theater companies in Philadelphia over the last 19 years.

She is also involved in cabaret, burlesque and vaudeville revival style shows as a director, writer, performer, puppeteer, and costumer. Currently she is the director of the Cabaret Administration, a theater company founded in 2013. The collective strives to develop new entertainment which is engaging, satirical, sensual, and visually stunning.

Anna was the co-founder and co-director (2008-2011) of Cabaret Red Light. You can view much of her design work for cabaret style shows at She has given guest lectures at Penn State Brandywine and Widener University on the topic of history of burlesque and women in American Theater.

Costuming theater has always been one of her truest passions. She has exceptional sewing skills and a keeps a full costume shop capable of building everything from classical dance costumes and corsets to tailoring and fitting modern day wardrobe.

Please contact her directly to discuss your costume needs:


2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Lauren Langley on said:

    You made my wedding so very special. I cannot wait to wear my wedding dress as a costume to Dorian’s Parlor. You made me feel like a princess. Thank you for what you did for me by making that dress. Nothing is better that a Frangiosa original.

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